. John Tallmadge | Exploring Nature, Culture, and the Human Journey
Life is our dictionary.  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

White Paper Workshops on Writing

These seminars are designed for people in who wish to write at a high level of skill for personal or professional reasons.  They combine presentations and exercises with small group workshops and individual consultation. We approach writing as process rather than performance, emphasizing active imagination, regular practice, and diligent revision.  Areas of emphasis are based on the goals of the organization or group and the needs of individual participants (for example: story telling, writing from personal experience, argumentation, persuasion, writing about nature, publishing). 

Recent topics include:

Writing with Power in the Professions.  How to write with clarity, economy, and grace using exposition, argumentation, research, and story telling in professional work. ... Learn more

The Art of Nonfiction: Nature Writing and Personal Discovery.  Understanding the theory and practice of using creative nonfiction to depict life-changing encounters in nature. ... Learn more




“The secret of writing is, to write.”