. John Tallmadge | Exploring Nature, Culture, and the Human Journey
Life is our dictionary.  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Walden Workshops and Seminars on Nature and Human Values

These individually-designed workshops explore the relations between nature, culture, and the conduct of life using great works of environmental writing, philosophy, fiction, poetry, and visual art. Field trips and outdoor activities in both urban and wilderness settings add emotional and creative depth. Appropriate for schools, churches, environmental organizations, community groups, government agencies, or corporations interested in sustainable practice. Offered in formats ranging from half- or full-day workshops to 3-7 day retreats.

Recent topics include:

Stalking the Spirit of Place. Exploring the concept of wilderness and place in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota. ...Learn more.

Learning from Nature in the City. Urban nature as a scene of instruction for rethinking the place of humans in nature. ...Learn more.

Writing as a Window into Nature. Using writing as a form of perception that allows us to “see the unseen” in nature and ourselves

Practicing the Wild. Exploring wilderness and urban nature as a guide to spiritual life





Teaching in the Boundary Waters