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Books are our grandparents –Gary Snyder

Literary Consultation

If you have a book in the early stages of planning or composition but do not yet have a complete manuscript, or if you need help with a smaller project such as an article or book proposal, then a series of literary consultations can help. At this stage we look at your project concept and design, content, thematics, scholarship, plot, voice, purpose, style, and intended audience; we evaluate publication possibilities and design a viable work plan.

You may benefit from this service if you are:

  • An emerging author with a promising book idea
  • A scholar or practitioner with a wealth of material and a sense of purpose but no clear book concept in hand
  • A writer or scholar needing help with an essay, article, or proposal

Consultations are offered in two-hour blocks that include review of up to 30 pages of manuscript, a written report, and a phone conference.  The fee is $250 per block.




Titcomb Basin, Wind River Range