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Books are our grandparents –Gary Snyder


Whether it's done for love or money, writing can be hard, lonely work. Everyone needs the encouragement and insight of a good editor, someone who understands the writing process and knows the publishing industry. Just as experienced coaches help athletes achieve their personal best, a good editor can empower, guide, and sustain a writer through the strenuous passage from rough draft to polished, publishable book.

With three decades’ experience as a publishing writer, scholar, and outside reviewer for university and trade presses. I can help you develop your manuscript and improve your writing at any stage of the process, whether you are an established author or a young professor on tenure track. I specialize in creative nonfiction, especially memoir and nature writing, and in scholarship devoted to the environment, literature, the humanities, and interdisciplinary studies.

Depending on the state of your project and your particular writing needs, I offer three kinds of service:

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